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Toni Roca was born in Palma de Mallorca el1944. When 23 years went to live in Ibiza and soon began his task of writing different periodicals: Diario de Mallorca, Diario de Ibiza, Última Hora, the day 16 Baleares, Eivissa (magazine published by the Institute of Ibizan Studies). He has also written several introductions and catalogs and presentations conducted various cultural events.

L´any 1991, along with Carles Fabregat, organizes the cycle "Let's go to the movies", with the support of the City of Ibiza. And Julio Herranz and Carles Fabregat, poetic quotations were created annually: "In light of almond blossom", Corona when the plan is all covered with almond flowers, Poetry Recital and Musical Full Moon, held in the cloister of the City of Ibiza in June.

The books are published: Del teu cos interior (1981); Les noies de Kansas City (1982); No tornaré mai més al Kilimanjaro (1986); Give me peace, my love (1986); Eivissa as New York (1990); Amelie sur-mer (1992); Chronicles West Side (1993); The Young Ladies of Wilko, rain, read "The year in stamps" (1997); El llarg hivern a casa (1999); El llarg estiu a casa (2001); La llarga tardor a casa (2003); La llarga primavera a casa (2004); Les quatre estacions (2008), which includes the last four books; Expectatives valencianes a Via Púnica (2010); Fig fragile (2013); Correspondence, with Bartomeu Ribes (2013); Fig fragile 2 (2016); Donut zebra, watch Green (2016); Marnie and women of Charlotte (2017) Fig fragile…and three (2018). Rebecca torna a Manderley (2019).

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