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We had planned to present the book, Animalia. A fable too real, Ramon Mayol in the municipal library of Can Ventosa, in Ibiza, el jueves, 2 de abril, but with all the events of recent weeks, we have to reinvent ourselves and make a presentation confined. Jesus Ballesteros, He took care of the presentation and will now make a short video from home where he explained, briefly, the literary aspect of the book, while Iolanda Bonet, author of the prologue, will also, from home a video that explains the most personal aspects of the author. For the autor, is the video ... Read More


Does 40 years an American writer named Dean Koontz envisioned a global pandemic caused by a virus called Wuhan-400 developed in some laboratories China. He placed the story in the year 2020 and novel titled 'eyes in the dark' (The eyes of darkness), published in the 1981. In these times of anxiety and fear for the global pandemic currently affecting the entire population of all continents and keeps us both physical and mental confinement, It has opened several questions about its origin. Because, It has revived the theory of an alleged ... Read More

Read and Listen Free!

You stay home is no reason to stop enjoying culture. On the occasion of confinement for two weeks caused by the coronavirus Covid-19 from the literary Platform offer all our production eBook publisher Editions Ibiza, and all LeOigo podcast for free. After the disappointment that has led, also for the world of culture, the cancellation of all cultural and leisure activities during these 14 days, we believe we can bring our little gram of sand in order to combat the long hours of tedium and reconcile quarantine ... Read More

Ferrer BARTOMEU, writer month

During March, Can the Windy City Library, in Ibiza, welcomes the work of a writer muestra Bartholomew and John Ferrà, writer declared the month. Bartholomew and Son Perello Ferrà, And Juan Miguel Ferrà (Palma 1885-1947) studied law (1905) and Philosophy (1909) at the University of Barcelona (UB). It established important relationships with key players like Josep Carner Noucentisme and prominent politicians and intellectuals of the time as Catalonia Enric Prat de la Riba. He had an intense friendship with Maria-Antònia Salvà, despite ideological differences, from... Read More

WOMEN write history

Women write exposure history can be visited at the municipal library suction cup can, in Ibiza. gathers 150 bibliographical works and some thirty photographs of women in various fields. This is a framed activity within the program of events of the 8M of the City of Ibiza and will be exposed to the 20 de marzo. The exhibition total 150 works distributed in different sections and topics in which feminism is mainly from different perspectives. There are different sections related to feminism: Women and Struggle and Women and Equality. different titles .. They are available. Read More
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