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black island. Tales of the mysterious Ibiza


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“…the commotion of that fact was the common thread that revealed a dark truth: the hand of a demonic entity acting in Ibiza for decades….”

The volume number 13 from the Anacrèptica de Narrativa collection by Ibiza Editions corresponds to Isla Negra. Tales of the mysterious Ibiza, de Rafael Gimenez Perry.


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In a corner of the Mediterranean there is an island pampered by the sun that the world knows as the white island. They say that everything is made in the image and likeness of that clarity: its limestone soil, the clothes of its inhabitants and the lime of its buildings. Approach a land like this with caution because so much light can dazzle whoever looks at it until they turn it into a black island.

The book has 13 plus three stories (that correspond to a trilogy) and a prologue by Javier Serapio (author of SALT SORES).


black island. Tales of the mysterious Ibiza

Rafael Gimenez Perry.

13 Narrative collection Anacrèptica

1ª Edition, December of 2022

ISBN: 978-84-125017-2-8

DL In 67-2022

20 €


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