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The first novel Ramon Mayol,,es,Palma,,en,It is cultural and passionate promoter of books,,es,Founder of the group of musicians from Ibiza and Formentera,,es,lizard Rock,,ca,with promoting contests,,es,festivals,,es,music awards and many other activities to promote music in the islands,,es,Member of Cor Ciutat d'Eivissa and the group of Rock in Catalan,,es,Stock Rock,,es,with whom he recorded an album,,es,Pussy de pic,,it,blue,,de,Discmedi,,ca,It is finalizing a solo project,,es,Mon,,en,with which it will release first CD,,es, #IbizaEstrellada. A novel organic It is already a reality. A critical metaphor as short and original novel where underlying background analysis of human behavior.

The presentation takes place in Palma, on Sunday, 3 de marzo, a las 13:00 horas, s'Hort in the Garden of the King, framed in the acts of the Day of the Balearic Islands. It presents the act journalist and professor, Peter Estelrich.


#IbizaEstrellada. A novel organic

It is a novel 167 pages where the narrative voice is a star:

I'm a star and my name Ibiza. Sometimes, to make me rage, I tell me I'm nothing but a sphere of gas in equilibrium between gravity and pressure, more or less dense and more or less hot, but I prefer to be called Ibiza.

The plot takes place in different locations: Madrid, Barcelona, Prague, Lanzarote ... also in Ibiza and tells the story, original and entertaining Fernando, Matilde, his first wife and current partner Luz. All, enveloped in an atmosphere which traps, where cats are also protagonists ... De background, Ibiza just, unavoidably, Starry.

The cover image has been made by the Madrid artist settled in Ibiza Victoria Arenal who has already collaborated with Mayol in other publishing projects, as FRAGILE fig and three ..., de TONI ROCA.

The novel part of the Narrative collection Anacrèptica what Ibiza editions It has launched. Ibiza presentation is scheduled for next April 2019.



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