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go for a run, brush your teeth, Behave properly



'Going out for a run, brush your teeth, Behave properly’ is a novel by David Ventura which corresponds to volume number 15 from the collection 'Anacrèptica de Narrativa’ that Editions Isoladas has in progress.

In the words of the author of the prologue, Fernando de Lama, “David Ventura's novel is an excuse to talk about impossible or not trips to Shoyma or Chernobyl, in the last corner of Bulgaria or Finland, to the violence of Ciudad Juárez without leaving that group of friends who could be an adult and more or less drugged version of those from 'Count on Me' or the 'Goonies'. An adventure.”

The image on the cover is the work of the artist Ana Miriam Balboa.


320 pages

ISBN: 978-84-125020-0-8

DL: i 17-2024

Price: 20 €



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