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Tórridos abismos

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Para empezar programming publisher Editions isolated, nothing better than a book that does not leave indifferent. A novel about the very center of the sexual instinct. Entitled "torrid depths" (taken from a quote from Carl G. Jung) JULIUS DE MONTISANIA (pseudonym of a Jungian analysis specialist) He tells us two stories of passion to the limit.

On the one hand, a patient who wants to escape his sexual obsessions and carrying out dangerous games using his wife as bait. For the other, the analyst himself assailed it sees as memories of a fatal passion that believed forgotten.

The plot narrates the vicissitudes of the patient, memories of the analyst, and all spiced with the efforts of the Jungian method to explain these impulses, Monstrous fully from the rational point of view.

"Torrid depths" happens to coincide with the film "A Dangerous Method", where the turbulent history of Jung himself tells one of his patients.

Edicions aïllades bet so on hot topics, capable of breaking molds, as an invitation to open all kinds of roads in its future programming.


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