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Portrait of life in the pot of Pollença

El libro Quan venia l’esquadra, Taught by Xesca, These days it has become the first page of the cultural news. The resurgence is due to its recent theatrical adaptation, that has toured various theaters of Mallorca during the months of October and November.

Rare rain in Formentera

The book of stories by Carles Fabregat, rare Rain (Ediciones oblique / Publishing Isolated) It is presented on Sunday, 15 November at the Casa del Poble, in la Mola, Formentera, a las 18:00 horas.

Hebe comes in Ibiza

Hebe, the story of Leonor Izquierdo caves (1894-1912), esposa del poeta Antonio Machado, It presented in Ibiza Thursday, 19 November at 20:30 Hyperbole hours in District, Ibiza.

Micro Patronage Ibicenco

In order to continue publishing projects and given the difficulties of doing so on an island that bet little culture, Edicions seal the Ibizan Aïllades has decided to finance part of its new project from an alternative idea in times of crisis in which we live: el micro mecenazgo, that is to say, the sum of loans ordinary people to make large projects possible.