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Four days with Rosa Montero

A four-day stay in Menorca with writer Rosa Montero. To discuss literature, journalism, psychology and, definitely, everything that may arise. Because words always lead to unexpected places. Es la propuesta de de Talleres Islados, the group that organizes cultural stays on the farm of Mongofre (Menorca). The conference began last 1 October and will end next Sunday 4.

Ramon Llull in the Diocesan Museum

Who was Ramon Llull? What engine drove his thinking, his writings, his travels? Llull theories, so cryptic for man today, They are fascinating and are full of mystery. Accessing the figure Ramon Llull is now a little easier. From this November until next year, the islands hosting exhibitions and events on the Mallorcan Blessed. It is not by chance: commemorates the 700 anniversary of the death of Llull.

The Minorcan poetry travels to Girona

The verses of the Minorcan Joan Casasnovas Bep, Francesc Florit Nin and Pere Gomila have been protagonists this weekend in Girona. The Valvi Foundation hosted a poetry recital of the three authors, within the framework of the celebrations of Sant Narcís.

Portrait of life in the pot of Pollença

El libro Quan venia l’esquadra, Taught by Xesca, These days it has become the first page of the cultural news. The resurgence is due to its recent theatrical adaptation, that has toured various theaters of Mallorca during the months of October and November.

Rare rain in Formentera

The book of stories by Carles Fabregat, rare Rain (Ediciones oblique / Publishing Isolated) It is presented on Sunday, 15 November at the Casa del Poble, in la Mola, Formentera, a las 18:00 horas.