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Rain Beltran prepares his new novel

When a few months after the publication of his latest novel makes only, Rain Beltran already preparing his new project. Así lo explica en su página web, without giving details on what will be the argument of the book. La intriga ha sido el género que ha dominado los trabajos anteriores de esta novelista madrileña afincada en Mallorca.Fotografiar la lluvia y Neurogénesis (Algona editors) They are thrilling and disturbing books, where the reader discovers page to full page secret worlds.

"Hebe" Unstoppable!

"... Carolina Riera recounts the search for Leonor. Rescues from anonymity. It gives visibility and voice. Write your story. In this novel we find Leonor Izquierdo ". (Amparo Hurtado) The good reception of the novel ... Read More

II Short Narrative Competition Vilás Ferrer Foundation

Edicions Aïllades and Julian Vilás Ferrer Foundation announces the II Competition Short Narrative Vilás Julian Ferrer Foundation aimed at all residents of Ibiza and Formentera. This year there 3.000 euros in prize money, In addition to publication of the finalists. The subject must be related to the Pityuses and can choose to participate in both Castilian and Catalan.

Govern back prizes for young writers

The Balearic Government recovers this year 2016 Art Jove awards. Among the nine categories to which one can aspire, There are two related to writing. This is the contest of short stories “South Chronicles” and literature contest “Women and men write in lilac”.

A new figa

Jack2 2nd volume of Obscene collection of erotica.   Toni Roca is a person away from fads, with personality, you do not need major advertising campaigns to publicize their work on our island of Ibiza. With a long professional and habitual course of the different cultural activities, some of which organizes. It can be said that there is Toni Roca writer, poeta, columnist… but we also find the character that the author himself has built, with city and over the years. The Les impossible shirts, the caps of estrambóticas,... Read More