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El 14 September will be held at the municipal library of Can Ventosa, a las 20:00, the presentation of the last two books María VR : Brave. magical poetry and the first volume of Microfiction to laugh and dream. Both books are to contribute something very new for literature: They are written using the female gender as a generic. They are the only books I know written this way…

As the same author warns in the works, his writings tries to help abolish gender differences in treating men and women as persons. At first it may be a bit shocking because we are not used, but all the advances make us uncomfortable for a while until they become a habit.


poemario Valiente. Poetry to live the magic of life.


VR Mary wrote the poems that make up Brave. magical poetry, during the last three years. Almost all the poems are the result of inspiration, poems “data”. Clearly, then come limes, and review of the review of reviews. Another striking fact is that the 10% of the profits raised from this book are intended for projects to protect the human rights of children in Ibiza and Formentera.

We leave one of the poems that you will find inside Brave. magical poetry:


“The pen weighs little, petals cover the road,

my lover and I get along especially well,

it's because I feel his hands closing my eyelids,

or column vertebrae calming.


Everything that threw the air

like a balloon dream

He has returned to adorn.

And I do not need babies,

or fine dining in the trendy restaurant

to keep up my little high life.


volatile liviandad,

nice, ethereal, agile,

sapo sporting,

always filled hollow,

empty vessel which is the source cheerful,

every morning very early and never breaks.

Spiritual, clear, substantial, pure,

in my eyes an unimaginable horizon.”


Microstories to laugh and dream. broncos and women dancing among flowers

It is a fiction book. Short stories are born in a particular way of observing reality, from irony, but also from the hope of utopia. They could be classified into three types: stories of zany humor influenced by Woody Allen, stories of social criticism inspired unconsciously by Eduardo Galeano; and stories to dream, as an alternative, full of confidence in humans.

maria vr wild ponies

Microstories to laugh and dream. broncos and women dancing among flowers.


The presentation will be brief and fun. We hope to see you there, a Friday 14 of September, when the sun is setting and one of the best options is the conversation with those people who love the same thing we, harmony and clarity that hides among the trees made paper.

María VR

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