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Crui. The torchbearers

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Albert Leuven, 95 years, Belgian millionaire and philanthropist who lives in Mallorca, convenes a farewell party life ...

Here you have, in the winter of its existence. A being creative with drive: if someone exceptional who might have thought, the line of 95 years, convene a party goodbye to family and friendships from a paradise of Mallorca?

But nine decades have given much. An unexpected open a gap in the final and go into a maze full of triumphs and cliffs interior that reveals the many lives that hide under the career of one man: l’Albert Leuven.

The personal descent into hell will parade the old European maps forgotten and we will contact poignant characters and characters well. Albert Leuven confronts us with the idea of ​​whether the absolute Evil exists but its shadow concentric and fascinate us, sometimes, surprise us because he Tondo sympathy. is ready, worship, word has, un home de món, need, that will not leave anyone indifferent…


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