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De-tune. An illogical reality

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De-tune. An illogical reality

Author: Johnny Burt

Foreword: Gustavo Lucas Cabornero

The author tells us in the first person about his life experience with mental illness. In the words of the Dtr. Lucas Cabornero, author of the prologue:

This is the story of a man of principle, constantly striving to maintain coherence, your right to be treated with dignity, his super sense of justice, your feeling of being true to yourself and all the things you believe in, his ability to reinvent himself, of living knowing that what happens to you will accompany you for the rest of your life.

A story of acceptance and unconditional faith.

De-tune. An illogical reality

57 pages

1ª Edition, April 2021

ISBN 978-84-120033-3-8

DL In 19-2020

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