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e-book Animal. A fable too real



e-book Animal. A fable too real.

Author: Ramon Mayol,

3 Notebooks artist


ISBN: 978-84-120033-7-6

Price: 03,90 €

Language: Catalan


Includes images of the author himself.

Third volume of the Quaderns d’artista collection.

Animalia. A fable too real, also in digital version. You can download it in pdf, .mobi and E.Pub . It is a complicity of five stories by Ramon Mayol, that are related, with a foreword by Iolanda Bonet. A fable that transports us to a valley with an old train station, where tourism completely changes the way of life, not just from the station workers, but from the whole valley.

In the words of Iolanda Bonet, "You do not need ornate literary figures that would distort the transmission of sober prose. Rightly, Mayol has opted for clear language, with simple and concise lexicon to avoid masking the common thread. Thus the story is transmitted in an efficient way. ”


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