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an artist notebooks

ISOLATED EDITIONS presents a new collection: Notebooks artist.

This is a book in small format and in printed form in which the work of artists who cultivate more than an artistic discipline shown. In the first volume we present to Dali Sorrentino with poems (in Castilian and English) They accompanying an exhibition of his paintings:


The Mediterranean is a DEMON

Dali Sorrentino

María Grazia "Dali" Sorrentino was born in Italy in the years 50 y muy pronto se interesó por la pintura. Sus principales influencias son el expresionismo abstracto norteamericano y europeo. en 1973 creates a painting workshop for the mentally ill in the psychiatric clinic Nant (CEO) where also she works as a psychotherapist to 2008.

Desde 1989 lives for much of the year in Es Canar where he has his workshop and from 2014 Also in Rome. exhibitions (in Italy, Switzerland and Ibiza) They have been scarce since he has spent most of the time to his work as a psychotherapist, although from 2008 painting is its main activity.

As picture

According to the author, Some tell us that all art is just art of memory. It also tells us that we do not own all our memories. She, as Daimon, still mysterious laws, sinks and sometimes we returned unexpected signs. Stories unfinished, melancholic and enigmatic memories. Signals another dimension. And so he tries to convince us that time is a convention. From these texts relationship with fabrics, he painted later, the author confesses that he knows very little. Only content with the familiar maxim Horacio: "as picture" (like painting, so is poetry).

Dali Sorrentino presents its paintings in the exhibition hall of Santa Eulària des Riu with most of the works that appear in the book:

paintings: EARTH CIELO MAR

Opening: Thursday, 24 March at 20:30 horas (you can visit until Wednesday, 30 de marzo, in time 17:30 A 20:30 horas).

Presentation of the book:


The Mediterranean is a DEMON

Dali Sorrentino

  1. 1.Notebooks artist (EDICIONS AÏLLADES, 2016)

With the presence of the author and publisher (Ramon Mayol,,es,Palma,,en,It is cultural and passionate promoter of books,,es,Founder of the group of musicians from Ibiza and Formentera,,es,lizard Rock,,ca,with promoting contests,,es,festivals,,es,music awards and many other activities to promote music in the islands,,es,Member of Cor Ciutat d'Eivissa and the group of Rock in Catalan,,es,Stock Rock,,es,with whom he recorded an album,,es,Pussy de pic,,it,blue,,de,Discmedi,,ca,It is finalizing a solo project,,es,Mon,,en,with which it will release first CD,,es)

presents: Mariano Torres

Tuesday, 29 March at 20:30 hours in the exhibition hall of Santa Eulària des Riu.

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