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Un tast d’ones en CD

Ramon Mayol,,es,Palma,,en,It is cultural and passionate promoter of books,,es,Founder of the group of musicians from Ibiza and Formentera,,es,lizard Rock,,ca,with promoting contests,,es,festivals,,es,music awards and many other activities to promote music in the islands,,es,Member of Cor Ciutat d'Eivissa and the group of Rock in Catalan,,es,Stock Rock,,es,with whom he recorded an album,,es,Pussy de pic,,it,blue,,de,Discmedi,,ca,It is finalizing a solo project,,es,Mon,,en,with which it will release first CD,,es, the pseudonym Mon, acompañado de la cellist Susan Rozsa, propose Un tast d’ones, a musical journey based on the collection Ones de poesia what editions

Aïllades It has launched with different authors of the Islands:

  1. Hangman, from the book Conhort i malanança per al diluït recipient del llamp (BARTOMEU RIBES GUASCH)
  2. From sea, from the book archipelago (Catalina Ferrer)
  3. Eulària, book isolates (Iolanda Bonet)
  4. The single received from the book BIRTHDAY TRIP (MARIO RIERA)

Además, it includes an extra song (Bonus Track) with a poem by Carles Fabregat: spectra. Total, 5 songs that correspond to the poets, moment, part of the collection.

The entire disc (or songs) and you can be downloaded through the literary Platform The first of them songs, Hangman, You can download FREE

It is to publicize, an original and entertaining way, the authors of our Islands. Although only they appear in this tasting poets of Ibiza, It is planned to expand the collection with writers and writers from other islands. de hecho, in live performances and an musicado poem author Maria Ferrer Formentera is included: I find you. The collection Ones de poesia it's found, At first, in digital format, the Platform

Un tast d’ones presents, over the next few days:

Friday, 20 March 2015: Institute of Sant Maria (Ibiza), a las 11:00 horas.

Sunday, 22 de marzo: Room Plenos del Ayuntamiento de Sant Josep de sa Talaia, a las 21:00 horas (in the cycle Dies musicals organized by the Consell d'Eivissa). The artist Elisa Torreira also offer Performance  Waiting for the tide.

Luness, 31 de marzo: Isidor Institute Macabich (Ibiza), a las 11:00 horas.

Friday, 3 de abril: S'Abeurada Can Simonet, San Francisco, Formentera, a las 20:00 horas.

It is also planned to present the album:

Museu de sa jugueta, Palma

Center October, València

space Mallorca, Barcelona

Centre Cultural Blanquerna, Madrid

On dates to be determined.

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