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The avant-garde poet-Albert-Wilhelm-Apollinaris Wladimir Kostrowitzky, Guillaume Apollinaire (Roma 1880 – Paris 1918) It is the writer of the novembre month in the municipal library of Can Ventosa (Ibiza).

Marià Villangómez and made a selection of poems by Apollinaire version in poems published in 1983 Editions Notebooks of fear Cream. Villangómez carried out an enormous task translator and the choice of authors (Apollinaire also translated into Laforgue, Yeats or Hardy among others) responds more to taste and personal readings to the parameters of a custom publishing.

natural son of an Italian nobleman and a Polish, Apollinaire extended incomplete studies because of the haphazard and traveling life of his mother, with which, en 1899 he settled in Paris. en 1903 he founded a magazine, The Feast of Aesop, where he published the first prose The enchanting rotting (1909). en 1904 he met Picasso and Max Jacob, and through its relationship with Marie Laurencin he was integrated into the art world. en 1909 He was commissioned to direct two collections of satirical texts and -use libertines who remained until the end of his life, where he reedited Sade. Public Heresiarch and Co. (1910) y the Bestiary (1911), but even the appearance of alcohols (1913) He not is started considered one of the great French poets of all time.


en 1913 Public aesthetic Meditatios, the first book dedicated to the Cubist painters. He pleaded futuristic, a partir de 1914, He wrote numerous caligramas. At the outbreak of World War I asked to join the front.

en 1916, a piece of shrapnel struck him in the head and had to be trepanning, episode that was reflected in the numerous classical iconography and a bandaged head Apollinaire. mobilized yet, But I rejoined the Parisian life, premiere The breasts of Tiresias (1917) and publishes Calligrames (1918), where he collected most of the poems written on the forehead. en 1918 he married Jacqueline Kolb and died 9 November of the same year, victim of the flu epidemic. Long after his death were published, among other unpublished works, Shadow of my love (1947) y The melancholy watchman (1952). He broke with the classical poetic forms, preserving, Nevertheless, the sense of musicality of the Symbolists and brash language alive and popular tradition. Apollinaire has had a great influence on contemporary poetry: many reminiscences are in Catalan poetry, especially formal (caligramas Salvat-Papasseit and Josep Maria JUNOY) and thematic (bestiary, Pere Quart). as Baudelaire, often he dedicated to comment on the art of his time and influenced powerfully artists. He was one of the discoverers of Picasso. He was a friend of Chirico, and he became interested in the nascent superrealismo, which he invented the name (1917).





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