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You read because you think I write to you. / that's something understandable. // I write because I think you read to me. / and that is something terrible”. Surely our readers have come across these verses. Today we will approach its author, Ibizan poet Ben Clark, taking advantage of the days 29 y 30 April will give a creative writing workshop at the Insular Public Library of Ibiza.

Below we transcribe the telephone conversation we had with the Loewe Poetry Prize 2017 and professor of Poetry of the Master of Creative Writing in Spanish at the University of Salamanca:

INTERVIEW WITH JOSÉ M: You have already organized other similar workshops in Ibiza. What's so special about this?

INTERVIEW WITH JOSÉ M: It will focus on finding the connections between the creation of a poem and that of a story and on providing tools to know where we are going. If we know what format we are going, we will work on the text in a more efficient way and with more confidence.

The poet Ben Clark

P: How far can you learn to write poetry?

R: I believe that we all have a poetic impulse and that we intuit what is beautiful and what excites. This workshop allows us to find ways to access those perceptions and will give guidelines to try to reflect it on paper. Of course, there are people who have it easier, but I think we can all improve our writing with effort and receiving suggestions from other people.

P: In the description of the workshop you mention that the borders between the poem and the story will be studied. What similarities are there?

R: There is a desire to tell. In the case of the poem, is often thought not, but it is also communication. They also have in common the aesthetic sense. The two formats draw attention to the language and highlight this artistic component.. Being a bilingual workshop, it will be interesting to reflect on how the translation pours this aesthetic experience into another language.

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