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Joan Buades, PRIZE Crexells 2017

The writer Joan Buades He has been awarded the prestigious Award Crexells 2017 for his novel "Crui. Els portadors de la torxa” (EDICIONS AÏLLADES, 2016). Prize Crexells, provided this year 6000 euros, It was convened for the first time this year 1928 and gives the Ateneu to the best work of fiction published in Catalan during the previous year. Honors the philosopher, pedagogue and economist Joan Crexells and Vallhonrat (Barcelona 1896 – 1926).

The prize is Catalan novel of Joan Crexells one of the most prestigious awards of Catalan literature. Actually, literary prizes, in the modern sense, nacen with the novel Crexells, granted from 1928 in memory of Joan Crexells philosopher and intended for the best novel written in Catalan. It was the first modern award trained in Catalonia and probably also in Spain, inspired by great literary prizes of the moment that were celebrated throughout Europe.

Among its promoters are Pere Rahola, Joaquim Borralleras, Garden Henry and Carles Capdevila, members of the management committee first prize. The first years a lot of media buzz was created around the prize, especially in the first edition, in which the prize was not awarded, after the jury considered that there was no work deserving of the award.

In the first stage they were awarded Joan Puig Ferreter fear "magic circle" (1929); Miquel Llor fear "Laura in the city of saints" (1930); Josep M. Sagarra for "Private Life" (1932) O Mercè Rodoreda per “Aloma” (1937), entre otros. el año 1932, constituted and the Second Republic, Government acordaba with the Ateneo Crexells the conversion of a national novel prize.

The award has been held every year since 1928, except for the years 1939-1981 in which the Franco dictatorship banned all literary and cultural events in Catalan. en 1981 the dynamics of the prize rebukes i has remained steadily until today. Among the main promoters of this dam are located Martí Sans Oregano or Josep Ramoneda.

In this second stage the authors have succeeded award Miquel de Palol by "The Garden of the Seven Twilights" (1989); Jaume Cabré fear "Lordship" (1991) the "John confessed" (2011); Carme Riera fear "In the Blue" (1994); Ferran Torrent fear "Limited company" (2002); “Emili Teixidor " fear "Black Bread" (2003) O Manuel Baixauli fear "The fifth floor" (2014).



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