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The 2nd edition of Ibizan Corsairs in Gibraltar is presented in Barcelona

JM Prats Marí's book 'Ibizan corsairs in Gibraltar' (Ibiza editions, 2023) presented at the Barcelona Naval Command on Tuesday 17 October at 19.00 horas.

This is the second edition of the volume, The number 6 from the Barbaria essay collection, since the first edition was sold out four days after its presentation and going on sale.. It features a cover illustration by Agusto Ferrer-Dalmau while the cover design is by Fernando Halcón.

He also participates with the micro theater piece, The author explains in detail and rigorously how many Ibizan sailors participated in the attempt to recover Gibraltar, forming part of the endowments of the jabeques of the Royal Navy or aboard their own corsair ships. Among the documents that are preserved in the Historical Archive of Ibiza, the names of Miguel García stand out, antonio sierra, Bernardo Guasch, Rafael Prats, Juan Ros, Bartolome Cavanillas and, above all, Antonio Ferrer's, pattern of xebec Saint Teresa of Jesus.

The Naval Commander of Barcelona will make the presentation in an event that will also have the presence of the author., JM Prats Marí and the editor Ramon Mayol.

To attend the event, confirmation is requested via email: or on the phone 93 3040924

Ibiza editions



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