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A year to discover the Archduke

A year to discover the fascinating figure of Archduke Luis Salvador. en 2015 a century of the death of Archduke holds in his castle Brandeis (Czech Republic). That is why the institutions have decided to devote the entire year to remember him and, especially, his great work as a popularizer of the islands and its landscape.

Un tast d’ones en CD

Ramon Mayol,,es,Palma,,en,It is cultural and passionate promoter of books,,es,Founder of the group of musicians from Ibiza and Formentera,,es,lizard Rock,,ca,with promoting contests,,es,festivals,,es,music awards and many other activities to promote music in the islands,,es,Member of Cor Ciutat d'Eivissa and the group of Rock in Catalan,,es,Stock Rock,,es,with whom he recorded an album,,es,Pussy de pic,,it,blue,,de,Discmedi,,ca,It is finalizing a solo project,,es,Mon,,en,with which it will release first CD,,es, bajo el pseudónimo Mon, acompañado de la violoncelista Susan Rozsa, proponen Un tast d’ones, un recorrido musical basado en la colección Ones de poesia que Edicions aïllades tiene en marcha con diferentes autores y autoras de las Islas: