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For the next meeting of the Book Club of Santa Eulalia, It is scheduled Irène Nemirovsky's book, The dance. A masterpiece that reflects loneliness and rebelliousness of childhood and adolescence. el martes, 5 February, a las 20:00 horas, in the library.

Ukrainian writer Irene Nemirovsky They lived for most of his life in France and his works were written in French. Daughter of a Jewish banker who fled the Russian Revolution, He was educated by a French governess. A polyglot, dominating, in addition to the French and Russian, the Polish, English, the Euskera, Finnish and Yiddish. His difficult relationship with his mother are the backbone of many of his novels.

His family moved to France after the Russian Revolution, Nemirovsky he married a banker and began publishing assiduously, He is becoming a highly regarded author in the French cultured society of the time. After being refused French nationality 1938, he converted to Catholicism to the following year and began publishing anti-Semitic magazines to try to hide their origins to the rise of Nazism that threatened to spread to France. After an escape to a small town after the German occupation of France and the approval of the anti-Jewish laws of the Vichy Government, Nazi collaborationist, It was transferred to several concentration camps and finally to Auschwitz, where she died of typhus.

Following the publication in 2004 de Suite Francesa, He was awarded the Prix ​​Renaudot, first awarded posthumously. en 2015 the film adaptation was released from Suite Francesa, film directed by Saul Dibb.

The dance tells how Kampf, a Jewish family enriched blow, prepares its first social dance at home. It is around the year 1930 and this act which is now unusual at that time meant almost the debut, a sample of credentials to the rich world of upper-class Jewish in aspiring to be accepted. Los fight, family consisting of husband, wife and daughter of fourteen, They have been resident in Paris and its great aspiration, now that they are wealthy and can luxuries of life which have always been deprived by their social status, It is to be accepted in this society Parisian luxury and comfort.



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