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The Julian Vilás Ferrer Foundation, Ibiza in collaboration with Editions, in order to encourage and promote the literary creation of the islands, announces its his I Poetry Contest Foundation Julian Vila Ferrer - Ibiza Editions.

Are forms of, the call for narrative this year, the fifth, It comes with important news: We open ourselves to the Poetry (1000 The winning euros) and we include the publication also lion of the stories and poems finalists.


I Poetry Contest Foundation Julian Vila Ferrer - Ibiza Editions.




I Poetry Contest Foundation Julian Vila Ferrer - Ibiza Editions 2019

Vilas Julian Ferrer Foundation and the publisher Editions Ibiza summon all authors / as of Ibiza and Formentera who wish, to participate in the First Poetry Contest Vila Ferrer Foundation - Ibiza Editions.

Prize awards:

First prize: 1000 euros, diploma, on line publication in the literary and publishing platform podcast in

Second prize: 500 euros, diploma, on line publication in the literary Platform And publishing a podcast in

Prizes are subject to the legal obligations. The organization reserves the right to publish the winning works in print.


BASES: By submitting manuscripts to the Foundation Julian Vila Ferrer in the editorial Ibiza Editions, participants accept the following bases:

first. All authors / as may participate, who wish and are registered in the islands of Ibiza and Formentera. With one written in Castilian or Catalan work. With original and unpublished works that have not been awarded in other competitions or contests. written works are also supported in the Ibizan dialect, take as a reference the work of the poet Mariano Villangómez (Introductory course to language, grammatical rules, readings Ibiza and Formentera, published by the IEE in 1978).

Monday. The theme of the work is free, with dedication expressed bonanzas of the islands of Ibiza and Formentera. The extension of lines not less than forty, nor more than eighty. Whatever your metric, ress the form.

Third. Works must be sent by email to the address: Accompanied with a copy to the attached annex. Two files: in one of them, The play, in pdf format, typewritten, letter size 12 points, double-spaced. And on the other, contestant data (Name and surname, copy of identity card or passport, home, telephone and short biography).

Quarter. The deadline for entries is from the 1 February to 5 of May (a las 24 horas) de 2019. It being understood that the work arriving after this date will not be considered and will be out of competition.

Quinta. The ruling will be decided by a competent jury chosen by the organizing entities. It will be made public in the media and on the Internet, Entre el 10 y 15 de mayo de 2019. The awards ceremony will be held during the second half of May 2019, in a place to be determined on the island of Ibiza.

Friday. The organization reserves the right to publish and disseminate the winning poems. originals will not be returned.

Seventh. In the event that the jury consider that the papers do not meet enough quality to be awarded the first prize, This could be declared void, not the rest of the prizes.

Eighth. The jury's decision is final. It means that all works and participants presented to this event agree with these rules.

Ninth. It is imperative that the author / a resulting award, or representative, attend the gala awards.

The winner / a jury shall exercise the following announcement of the contest and will not be submitted to it.


– Entry form. – poetic work presented to the competition. – Certificate of residence in any of the municipalities of Ibiza and Formentera.

Ibiza, 1 February 2019


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