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jack kerouac


as usual, the Can Ventosa Library dedicates each month to a relevant specific writer of universal or Balearic literature. this month of september, the chosen one is the American writer Jack Kerouac.

Brief biography of Jack Kerouac

jack kerouac (Jean-Louis Lebris de Kerouac) nation in Massachusetts, USA, en 1922, and died in Florida in 1969. en 1940, moved to New York thanks to an athletic scholarship to study at Columbia University. after suffering an injury, he began to dedicate himself to what he was really passionate about: to literature. He then began to regularly miss his classes and walk through the streets of New York until he, Finally, after an argument with his coach, decided to abandon studies completely.

After being honorably discharged from the Navy after six months of service, Karouac spent the war years working as a merchant marine and rubbing shoulders with intellectuals such as William Borroughs and Allen Ginsberg.. During the 1950s he made numerous road trips in the United States., that served as artistic inspiration and contributed to the realization of his most ambitious literary projects..

Literature and works of Jack Kerouac

jack kerouac

Jack Kerouac with his friend William Borroughs, who he wrote with And the hippos were cooked in their tanks.

Jack Kerouac was undoubtedly a prodigy writer. After writing The sea is my brother (1942) y The hippos were cooked in their tanks (1945), that they would not see the light until 2011 y 2008 respectively, Kerouac began to experiment with his style. He wanted a natural style that reflected his conception of life as he lived it.: in one go and without any type of editing. So, en 1951 wrote one of his most famous works, On the road, a single paragraph 175000 words that took only three weeks to finish, but it was not published until seven years later.

On the road (1957) represented the author's rise to fame, who from then on was involved in controversies and became a topical topic due to his appearances under the influence of alcohol and his interviews. He continued practicing the style that had brought him fame, often writing entire works in a single night. One year after the publication of On the road, wrote his continuation, El Dharma Bums. After this work, he stopped writing for a period of four years, after which he resumed the profession.

Although he is best known for his narrative, Kerouac also wrote lyrical works. His poems have the same spontaneous and uninhibited style as his novels., with elements of Buddhism and jazz. Some of his notable poetic works are The writing of the golden eternity (1956; 66 prose poems), old midnight angel (1956; a large narrative poem) and the collection of poems Mexico City Blues (1959), in which you can clearly see elements of “jazz poetry”

The Beat Generation and Jack Kerouac

Kerouac is known as the father of the Beat Generation. This was a literary movement formed by a group of young intellectuals who rejected the traditional values ​​of North American society and promoted transformation in their works., starting with their own literary styles and ways of practicing writing.



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