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It appears fragile fig 2

On Friday, 8 April at 20:00 hours at the Hotel Pacha (Ibiza) the second volume of obscene Collection presents erotica: LA FIGA FRÀGIL 2… de Toni Roca. The presentation will be given by Rosa Rodriguez Branchat, Professor and PhD in Social Sciences and Humanities.

the first novel by Joan Buades presented

Crui. The torchbearers (EDICIONS AÏLLADES, 2016), The volume number 7 Anacrèptica collection of Narrative, It is presented on Monday, 18 April at 20:30 hours at the municipal library of Can Ventosa (Ibiza). The event will the author and the publisher, Ramon Mayol,,es,Palma,,en,It is cultural and passionate promoter of books,,es,Founder of the group of musicians from Ibiza and Formentera,,es,lizard Rock,,ca,with promoting contests,,es,festivals,,es,music awards and many other activities to promote music in the islands,,es,Member of Cor Ciutat d'Eivissa and the group of Rock in Catalan,,es,Stock Rock,,es,with whom he recorded an album,,es,Pussy de pic,,it,blue,,de,Discmedi,,ca,It is finalizing a solo project,,es,Mon,,en,with which it will release first CD,,es. The presentation will be given by Professor Xavi Ribas Tur, “Xinxó”.

Contest winners Narrative II Foundation Vilás

Jesús Ballesteros Mir (the option in Catalan) and Juan Ramon Molina Montero (in Spanish), were the winners of II Contest brief narrative Foundation Julián Vilás where they were received 23 jobs. The finalists have been: Montse González (Catalan), fear "PO Box" and Jose Lopez Villalba, con “Opening party (Where do I bring?"Manuel Montesinos with Jimenez, with "Nostalgias of Marcelino", (Spanish).

the first novel by Joan Buades presented in Palma

Crui. The torchbearers (EDICIONS AÏLLADES, 2016), The volume number 7 Anacrèptica collection of narrative and first novel by Joan Buades, It is presented on Tuesday, 24 May at 20:00 hours in the Library of Babel (Palma) in a ceremony that will be attended by the author himself. The presentation anger in charge of the writer Miquel Àngel Llauger ".

Life before it, in the book club

The next Tuesday, 5 de julio, a las 20.30 horas, the library of Santa Eulalia, a new meeting of the Club of reading Romain Gary's novel Life before it takes place. All a celebration for solidarity among the forgotten and reflection, very modern, about old age or loneliness.