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Night return routes through the cemetery Palma

Every city has its cemetery. Some, even, They have more than one. Nevertheless, They are forgotten places; hidden behind the cypresses; We pretend they do not exist. but there. And not only that: They have an essential artistic and emotional potential. Which must take note. This is the thesis of writer Carlos Garrido, that for four years it organized night routes through the cemetery of Palma, with great public success.

Carlos Garrido and 'La bella gente’ They travel to Ibiza

The writer, periodista y divulgador Carlos Garrido viaja el próximo jueves a Eivissa para ofrecer la conferencia La gente bella no surge de la nada. It is a related talk with the writer's new book (próximamente be issued under the seal of editions Isolated) and delves into the processes of loss and grief, from the personal testimony of the author. At the end of the conference, Mariona Forteza singer will perform several songs related to emotions and feelings that characterize this type of situation.

Among planned Documentum Islands

On Friday, 29 of May, Sample Projecte within Documentum, the audiovisual document is projected Among Illes, Ramon Mayol. The appointment is in Sant Antoni, a las 20.00 horas.

Diente of a shark in a Talaiot

Cornia Nou is one of the most spectacular prehistoric sites of Menorca. For its size and also because every year offers new discoveries archaeologists. Findings that stimulate the imagination of unequaled way. underground passages, buildings yet to be discovered, Shark teeth… Yes, Shark teeth. In the campaign this year, archaeologists have found a quite superficial level of these pieces, which has become hooked to explain to citizens what the site.

Tribute to writer Paul Faner

the writer Paul Faner be subject, the next 11 de julio, a few days of homage and study of his work. They will be held at the Cercle Artistic de Ciutadella and the bastion of the Governor of Ciutadella. Consists of a documentary Llevado a cabo por Joan Allès; a lecture by researcher professor of Catalan Pilar i Arnau; and a literary route directed by Miquel Àngel Limón, Chief of Protocol of the City of Ciutadella.