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Small print in Formentera

Formentera acoge la presentación del poemario de Nora Albert lletra menuda / written small / small letters (Balàfia Postcards), Poetry Prize City of Ibiza 2014. The act, organizado por la OCB (Obra Cultural Balear), It takes place on Friday, 21 October 2016 in the Library Marià Villangòmez, a las 20.00 horas.

Holy terra

el miércoles, 2 October, a las 20.00 Iolanda Bonet hours writer presents in the Club Diario de Ibiza the poems of Alda Merini 'The Holy terra', which it has been translated by Nora Albert and published by the Menorcan publishing Arrela. The event also will feature the cellist and Gabriela Marcela Friederichs Monferdin to read, Nora Albert with some excerpts from the book.

Too much happiness in the Reading Club

NEXT Book Club Santa Eulalia promises. Alice Munro reading, Too much happiness, certainly awake vertigo, fear and seduction, from up to down. Considered a masterpiece by the great American authors, Munro, It has been translated into twenty languages ​​long. “Alice Munro gives each of his stories depth, la inteligencia y la precisión que muchos novelistas abocan en la obra de toda una vida.” Jurado del premio Man Booker International 2009.

"These letters» In Ibiza

On Friday, 11 EFTA November (Association of Writers in Catalan) celebrates another year in Ibiza recital "Lletres Dites", in which island authors themselves read texts. It is a cycle that began in 2007 and having the will to make known to the writers of the Islands through reading literary fragments in the voice of the authors.

Day bookstores in Ibiza

On Friday, 11 November Day is celebrated bookstores, where these establishments are claimed as necessary as houses of culture and remind us that the best place to buy a book, definitely, a bookstore. This sixth edition of the Day of the Book is presented under the slogan "Your questions always have a book for an answer".