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Creative Writing Workshop. LIBRARY OF CALA BOU

A creative writing workshop is based on freedom of expression, the game and debate. the renewed Cala de Bou library He has been good enough to hold a creative writing course (in Castilian and Ibizan). The first session was a success. And already opened the registration period for a new group because places are limited.

caligrama cat

A poem caligrama.

This pioneering creative writing project general aims to promote reading and writing in the Ibizan society. thus enhancing creativity, art and health through written expression. Because reading and writing makes you understand life and society. And beyond, can be activities that find peace and balance. A creative writing workshop you can become the best therapy.

Humans have also resorted to writing that has multiple functions, among which is the ability to develop our imagination. The Creative writing It goes far beyond knowing the orthographic rules, syntactical and grammatical. The real challenge is to deploy writing original forms of thought. Be more creative through written language.

therapeutic writing

Write a therapeutic capacity has been intuited always writers of all rational tiempos.La, linked to language, with artistic and emotional part combines two facets of the human being: the ability to think and express emotions. It is a method to know, increase self-esteem and problem solving.

Who is it for?

The creative writing workshop (initiation level) It is aimed at all people who are interested in the art of writing. You can overcome fears associated with creating, unleash the imagination and learn the techniques that allow you to express your talent. What are you waiting for? Contact our beloved librarian Anna:

Maria V.R.


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