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Escritores Millonarios

Muchas personas que sueñan con ser artistas se echan atrás porque creen que no se puede vivir del arte. Por eso hoy quiero recordaros que sí se puede vivir de la escritura, And not only that, incluso hay escritores millonarios. Esa imagen de los escritores malditos, esos artistas que viven y mueren sumidos en la pobreza ha hecho mucho daño a todas aquellas que amamos el arte como modo de vida. Hemos escogido este oficio, el oficio nos ha escogido a nosotr@s, da igual; pero desde luego que hay sitio para nosotr@s, como para el resto de oficios del mundo,... Read More


El Club de lectura de Santa Eulària des Riu se ha tenido que adaptar a estos tiempos de pandemia. Now, las sesiones son por vídeo conferencia. La próxima cita es el martes, 7 de julio donde se debatirá sobre la figura de John Steinbeck y su libro De ratones y hombres.

Ibiza and Formentera digital books

La demanda de libros digitales se ha disparado durante los últimos 3 months. As you know, Ibiza Editions was born with the intention-illusion of responding to your literary needs, that's why we have a wide selection of digital books and audiobooks whose titles we invite you to review to discover if any of them beats you. Remember that the vast majority are writers of or settled in the Pitiusas, that is to say, fresh local produce, so take the opportunity to support the local literature that gives us so much joy, es parte de los sabores de Ibiza y Formentera. List of digital books and audio-books: Si te... Read More


Literature as a cure and therapy for some diseases. I've always wondered what place art has in wartime, Are there professions more valuable than others? I am grateful because I have already realized that all the vocations in the world have their place and their function for the smallest, vulgar or extravagant that it seems to other people. During the month of May 2020 the same thoughts came back to me. What place is there for soul poems?Is the saying true: "Not only on bread does the human live”? With so many questions they began to ... Read More

NEW SONG OF MON: I find you

Mon returns to present songs, this time accompanied by Marcela Friederichs, and he does it with a poem by the Formentera author Maria Teresa Ferrer: I find you, who has put music and now presents the promotional video.